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The Alaska Rainbow Lodge

Alaska Rainbow Lodge is a world renowned first class Sport Fishing Lodge. We are located in Bristol Bay on the Kvichak River. The Kvichak River is Alaska’s greatest river for huge Trophy Rainbow Trout. This river drains out of Iliamna Lake, the largest lake in Alaska. We are completely isolated, being 250 miles from any road system. Our only access is by float plane or a very long boat ride.

Employee Environment

Our employees enjoy a wilderness experience like no other. Activities could include wildlife viewing, boating, fishing, hiking, flying out in bush planes, viewing bears of Katmai National Park or just simply enjoying the experience of being in the great outdoors of Alaska and being a part of a great team of professionals who make Alaska Rainbow Lodge a place from which other lodges are judged.

The Lodge And It’s Operation

Alaska Rainbow Lodge is not unlike a small village. We generate our own electricity, have our own class A water system and operate our own septic system. We also maintain a warehouse of equipment, supplies and spare parts. We run three float planes, maintaining a fuel supply of 20,000 gallons of aviation fuel, diesel fuel as well as propane storage of 2000 gallons. We operate 40 jet boats, which employees may use on their time off. Our employees operate and maintain all these facilities and equipment to assure our guests are completely satisfied. We accommodate 16 guests per week and each guest stays 7 days. Our changeover day is Friday.

Work with the Alaska Rainbow Lodge team

Alaska Rainbow Lodge - aerial view

What Makes Alaska Rainbow Lodge So Special?

We are a small Alaska Fly Fishing Lodge that employs a friendly team of 19 professionals who do an incredible job of customer satisfaction. If you are searching for fun, dependable Alaska Fishing Employment and you are willing to work hard, we would enjoy speaking with you. There are many Fishing Jobs in Alaska, but none are like what we offer. Many of our guests return year after year because of the customer satisfaction our employees provide. Some of our guest quotes say it all.

Our employees’ professionalism and friendliness justifies us in stating that we are a true world class fishing lodge. Why not join our team? All Alaska Fishing Jobs are not created equal. We can provide you a pleasant and very enjoyable alternative to traditional seasonal Alaska jobs. We are usually hiring for some positions. Since many of our employees return each year, all positions are not available, but we are always looking for a few above average, friendly people with a commitment to our guests. We are looking for employees who value hard work and the attention to detail which allows us at Alaska Rainbow Lodge to set the standard by which other lodges strive for.

Our staff is only 19 people every season. We hire hard workers.

We Hire Each Year For The Following Positions:

  • Executive Chef (1)
  • River Guide (8)
  • Assistant Chef (1)
  • Lodge groundsman (2)
  • Hospitality staff maid/server (3)
  • Mechanic (1)
  • Dishwasher/cleaner (1)
  • Float Plane Bush Pilot (2)
  • Kitchen prep/baker (1)

Team Positions

Hospitality Staff – Maid/Servers [job description .pdf file]    application .pdf file

This is a split shift position which includes cleaning guest rooms, laundry and serving guest meals.  The day starts at 5:30am with room wake-up service, breakfast serving and cleanup from 6:00am to 7:00am.  After the aircraft have flown the guests out the mid-morning room cleanup and laundry starts.  You have free time during the afternoon.  The exact times are assigned at the lodge.  This is a split shift position.  The work week is 6 days, 10 hours per day.  This is an hourly rate position.  These positions require someone who is friendly, is a self starter, cordial, well groomed, non smoker.  These positions are full season jobs, from June 1st to October 1st.

Dishwasher/Food Prep/Cleaner/Stocker [job description .pdf file]    application .pdf file

This position is composed of a team of two.  It is a split shift schedule.  The job involves heavy duty cleaning in the kitchen, washing dishes, stocking groceries, assisting the Chef with food prep and occasionally working outside assisting the lodge groundsman

Executive Chef [job description .pdf file]    application .pdf file

This is a split shift position.  Executive Chef must have an extensive background in a wide variety of food preparation.  Chef is responsible for all food ordering, inventory and cost control.  Chef will supervise the kitchen staff.  The kitchen staff consists of 4 staff members – executive chef, assistant chef, one dishwasher/prep/stocker/cleaning person and one kitchen prep/baker cleaning person.  The meals are served sit down dining style.  Breakfast is to order.  The job description lists a typical menu.  The Executive Chef must be a well-groomed person who can mix in a friendly manner with our guests, who may drop into the kitchen once in awhile.  Our Chef will be working with the finest choice meats and seafood.  Fresh produce is flown in once or twice per week.  We provide our Chef with the choicest foods available.  In turn, we require our Chef to provide an outstanding meal and the most tempting deserts.

Assistant Chef [job description .pdf file]    application .pdf file

This is a split shift position.  The assistant Chef assists in dinner meal preparation, all breakfast cooking and prep.  The assistant Chef is in charge of all shore lunch prep – sandwich, soup and fresh baked cookies.  This position requires experience in baking breads, pastries and assisting Chef in creating homemade soups that we send out in the guests shore lunch.  The assistant Chef is under the direct supervision of our Executive Chef, must be qualified to create and serve the finest deserts and pastries.

Kitchen Staff – Prep/Baker/Cleaner [job description .pdf file]    application .pdf file

This is a split shift position.  This is the 2nd Chef assistant.  The position consists of helping the Chef in food preparation, breakfast service, baking, deserts, kitchen and dish cleaning.  It involves about 50% chef food prep and 50% dishwashing, kitchen cleanup and stocking.

Lodge Outside Staff – Maintenance Man/Groundsman [job description .pdf file]    application .pdf file

This is a split shift position.  This is a job that requires a person to be kind of a jack of all trades person.  The duties our lodge maintenance man performs are associated with all phases of our lodge operation.  This position requires that you know a little about a lot of duties you will perform.  One day you might be painting a building, the next day out running a boat upriver, or helping the mechanic fix an airplane or a generator.  Our maintenance and grounds staff are the key to a trouble free lodge operation.

Hospitality Staff – Relief Person [job description .pdf file]    application .pdf file

This position rotates on each inside staff job, which includes the maid/server, assistant Chef and dishwashing positions.  The relief person must be capable of assisting all aspects of food preparation.  They should have skills in a wide variety of food skills.  Two days a week are spent serving guest meals, laundry and cleaning the lodge.  Two days are spent in the dish room, dishwashing (with a Hobart commercial dishwasher).  Two days are spent in the kitchen assisting the Chef and assistant Chef.

River Guide [job description .pdf file]    application .pdf file

Alaska Rainbow Lodge hires only the best professionals in the business.  We pay a premium salary for experienced, seasoned guides.  A person who can present themselves in a professional manner, prove to us they can be helpful and communicate with our guests by passing on their fly fishing skills.  Our guides must have a coast guard 6-pak license or remote waters of western Alaska license, or be able and have the qualifications to obtain same.  Our guides accompany two guests each day, flying out in our float planes to a different river each day.  Guides must be expert in fly fishing (we will hire two guides who are specialized in lure salmon fishing).  This is a 7 day a week job with a duty time of 10 to 12 hours a day.  We do offer a day off once each 10 days.  Our experienced river guides must have jet boat experience.  We use 18′ Jon boats with 40hp Yamaha outboard jets.

Pilot/Guides [job description .pdf file]    application .pdf file

Your primary job is bush flying and taking care of a DHC-2 Beaver floatplane.  If you have knowledge of guiding fishermen, running jet boats on rivers or A&P mechanic, we can discuss a premium added to your base pilots salary.  The only job training we are willing to do is show you how we want the job done.  To qualify you must guide clients in addition to the pilots job.

Mechanic [job description .pdf file]    application .pdf file

This is a split shift position.  Our lodge mechanic performs all the repairs, maintenance and service on all equipment, electrical generators, boat motors, lodge equipment and airplanes.  This position requires knowledge to “figure it out” and get it back in operation.  Most of the time our mechanic is working alone.  This is a key position and requires a person who can keep our lodge fine tuned, with everything operating at peak performance.  We will consider a mechanic with an A&P license for a premium salary.

Alaska Rainbow Lodge is a great place to work - and to fish.

Details Of Hiring

  • Alaska Rainbow Lodge furnishes your food and housing.  All employees are housed in private cabins or shared rooms.  Staff meals can only be described as great.
  • Season starts around June 1st and ends around October 1st.  We use the first week of June as orientation and training.  We operate 17 weeks.  Our change over day is Friday.
  • Alaska Rainbow Lodge is a non-smoking lodge.  We prefer non-smokers and tobacco users.  Alaska Rainbow Lodge is a drug free lodge operation.  All river guides and pilots are required to submit to random drug testing.  All other personnel must be drug free and be willing to be drug tested upon request.
  • Alaska Rainbow Lodge does not allow our staff to have or keep any pets.
  • If you’re interested in joining our winning team at Alaska Rainbow Lodge, send us your resume.  Send an email or use our application form below, which should include all personal information, work history and a recent photo.  If you would like to apply for a position and believe you qualify for any of these staff positions
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