Fishing Alaska salmon with traditional equipment

Premier Alaska Salmon Fishing Lodge

Alaska is famous for its salmon fishing. Bristol Bay is at the heart of this world class salmon fishing, and Alaska Rainbow Lodge is in the heart of Bristol Bay. The strategic location of our Alaska salmon fishing lodge enables easy access to the entire Bristol Bay area, offering convenient access to prime salmon fishing in this breathtaking watershed.

Fish All 5 Salmon Species

Alaska Rainbow Lodge offers Alaska salmon fishing for all five native species; king salmon, silver salmon, red salmon, chum salmon and pink salmon. With our vast knowledge and superb location you will have access to almost every salmon fishing location in Southwestern Alaska.

King Salmon (June 15 – July 25)

King salmon are the largest of Alaska’s salmon and are known for their brute strength and wily behavior. This is a voracious predator that will challenge your skills and the best of gear. The Kings will run up to 50 pounds, or more, and require a great deal of skill. You should be prepared for fights of 15 to 45 minutes to land some of these giants. Our King Salmon fishing program takes advantage of three different rivers in which we target these massive salmon.

  • The 1st river we fish for King Salmon is the Nushagak. We keep a temporary camp there, where our guide lives. It is a 25 minute plane ride in one of our Beavers.
  • If you have always wanted the fishing trip of a lifetime, this is the river system that supports the best “World Class” opportunity remaining in Salmon Sport Fishing. The Nushagak River supports the largest run of King Salmon in the world.
  • The 2nd river we fish for King salmon is the Naknek – a 15 minute plane ride away from our lodge.
  • The 3rd river is only 5 minutes away – it’s the famous Alagnak, our sister river. You will have excellent fly fishing opportunities for King Salmon on the Alagnak.

Alaska Rainbow Lodge guest with a giant King Salmon, which can get up to 50 pounds!

The Kvichak river has the largest sockeye salmon run in the world

Sockeye Salmon (June 28 – July 20)

Our home river, the Kvichack, has the largest sockeye run in the world, three to five million fish every year. These fish average between 6-8 pounds and are the best tasting of all the salmon. Guests will be amazed as they watch 20,000 fish per hour swim right past the lodge. Sockeye salmon enjoy the reputation of being the hardest fighting salmon (pound for pound) of all the Pacific salmon species.

The best place to catch sockeye is the Kvichak River – right out our front door. Sockeye put up a spectacular fight when fly fishing – they empty reels, thrash line, and destroy rods!

Silver Salmon (July 25 – Sept 25)

Silver salmon are considered by many to be the hardest fighting of all the Alaska salmon, and will run hard and leap high from the water when hooked. Fly fishing for these top predators is our specialty here at Alaska Rainbow Lodge and we are proud to be one of the best Alaska salmon fishing lodges.

  • July 25 – Sept 10 We start our Silver fishing in the Kvichak then move on to 4 other rivers in Bristol Bay. We fish the Alagnak, Egigik, King Salmon and the Kamishak.
  • Sept 1 – Sept 25 We follow the run out to the Alaska Peninsula near Port Moller, Alaska. We maintain a remote camp at Ilnik. The Silvers caught at Ilnik are HUGE – they start at 12 pounds and run up to 20 pounds. When fishing Ilnik, an overnight stay is required.

Alaskan Silver salmon are fiesty - and a lot of fun!

Fish the Kvichak, Alagnak, and Strike Creek for Chums

Chum Salmon (July 20 – Aug 20)

Seems to me, every fly fishing area has some sort of under-rated or perhaps overlooked species of fish. Whether right or wrong, these fish are just overshadowed by other species or just misunderstood. That fish in Alaska is the Chum salmon, aka Dog salmon. Quite simply the most under-rated fish I have ever fished for. Like all salmon, Chum salmon turn into their spawning colors and in so doing lose table and fighting quality. However, Chum salmon turn color quicker than any other salmon I know – almost the minute they hit freshwater. As a result, most people catch them far from their ‘prime time’ and make assumptions. Little do many folks know the battles that can ensue when hooking a chrome dog in the ocean – especially on the fly!

Chums are known for their fierce strike and powerful, reel-stripping runs. A chrome bright Chum of 12 to 15 pounds hooked on an 8 weight rod will humble the most dedicated fly fisherman.

We fish the Kvichak, Alagnak, and Strike Creek for Chums and Pinks. Chums school up by the hundreds on the Alagnak and there are usually several dozens on every bend. They are very agressive, and will attack your fly or lure with a vengeance.

Pink Salmon (Aug 1 – Aug 25)

We generally fish Pink salmon as a sideline, while Silver, King or Chum fishing. It’s a welcome change to pick up a light 5 weight rod or ultra-light spinning rod and fish for these smallest of all Pacific salmon, which average about 3 pounds. They will hit just about anything you throw at them.

We catch & release Pink Salmon – except for smoking they are not the quality meat as the Sockeye, King or Silver. It’s common to have a 50 fish day hookup. You will have a sore elbow and arm from catching pinks!

Fishing for Pink Salmon, the smallest of all salmon, is always action-packed